starts in April

Every HOA member in Southfield Plantation and Tivoli is eligible for Yard of the Month. Our Board members are continually out and about in the neighborhood looking for well maintained yards that also have a "WoW" factor. Whether it is new landscaping, decorating for a holiday, or just that little something that puts them above the other homes in the area. 

Yard of the Month runs from April though September. Each monthly winner will have the Yard of the Month sign to proudly display in front of their home and will be eligible to compete for Yard of the Year. The SPTHOA Yard of the Year winner will receive a gift card for $250.

So keep the grass mowed and the flowers fertilized and let's show off all the beautiful homes in Southfield Plantation and Tivoli. 

2020 Yard of the Year!


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Bonaire, Ga 31005